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"Truly a gem! San Francisco is packed with yoga studios, flashy students and full of themselves teachers but Yoga Mayu stands apart. Gizelle is down to earth, her classes are real, her teachers spot on and the overall feeling has none of the flashyness you get at other studios. Straight up yoga with real folks. Such a nice change!" -Elizabeth K. 'Yelp'

"I am back visiting San Francisco to say that Yoga Mayu is the best studio anywhere! I spent 1 year at Yoga Mayu before moving to southern California and also spending the summer in NYC. First of all Yoga Mayu gave me, the evolving Newbie, a solid foundation in Vinyasa such that I felt confident taking Level 1-2 classes in studios in the big cities during my first year of training. Secondly, after having taken many classes with many wonderful teachers, I can say the best teachers are at Yoga Mayu! Gizella is brilliant and has assembled a group of yogi leaders who are dedicated to all of our practices through their knowledge, experience, ability to connect spiritually and strong teaching skills. It is an exception to find one teacher of this caliber at a studio but so many in one place is extraordinary! Jody, Brenna, Sarah, Megan and Laura with Gizella are blessings to the yogi community here in San Francisco. Anyone who values integrity, spirit, health and peace in their growing practice should run to Yoga Mayu (especially since I cannot - I have to take Southwest Airlines)! Thank you Gizella and team, you have given me the gift of yoga and changed my life forever!" -Kim D. 'Yelp'

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