Gizella Donald, ERYT, Studio Director & Founder, yoga mayu of San Francisco

Gizella began her studies and practice in 1990 at the Sivananda Yoga Center in San Francisco. Since then she has practiced in different classical Yoga traditions as well as the more physical Ashtanga and Iyengar styles. Gizella integrated this wealth of experience into a process towards true and lasting transformation. In her classes, she emphasizes correct alignment of the body in yoga postures to minimize the potential for injuries and to maximize optimal energy flow. She teaches an energetic, challenging yet playful class, and excels in modifying poses so that they can be accessible to all levels of students. She inspires her students to extend the practice of yoga by encouraging them to bring the love of yoga into their everyday life.


Lila Butler, RYT-200/Studio Manager

Lila will never forget the first time she stepped onto the mat and how balanced, calm and rejuvenated she felt - in fact she left class feeling like a superhero. Coming from a background in dance, she has spent most of her life studying the body in motion and approaches yoga with a sense of humor and a lighthearted playfulness.

She teaches a fun and invigorating vinyasa flow class that emphasizes alignment, connection to the breath and exploration of self. Her classes are designed to open the body, build strength and flexibility and most importantly, to cultivate a calm and content state of mind.


James Doherty

Let go of your mind, and hold on to your yoga mat! James integrates asana, breath work and meditation into a flow that will help you take flight. He first experienced yoga in his grandmother's garden. As a child, he continued this yoga education under the tutelage of his Tae Kwon Do instructor. Later as a teenager, an illness brought him to holistic medicine, where he began to understand the mind-body connection, and the nature of dis-ease. As an adult, having healed an "un-healable" back injury on the yoga mat, James was inspired to share what he had learned, and an unexpected spiritual awakening kept him on this track. His preferred style is warm vinyasa flow, although you can call it whatever you want.

Yoga is co-creation and while he’s happy to instruct, he’s more interested in journeying with you. An avid festival chaser, his playlists will have you wiggling your tailbone between poses, as you dance with your breath. Bring a friend, bring a loved one, bring your Self, and let’s do this!


Roy Gan

A classically trained dancer from Singapore, with over a decade of experience in professional dance, teaching and choreography, a non-practicing lawyer and Registered Yoga Alliance teacher, Roy's classes are about taking the blinders off and giving oneself the radical permission to honestly explore what one's mind and body are capable of. A testament to the transformative, grounding and healing power of the Yoga practice, Roy's mission is to encourage an inner intuitive listening and to raise one's consciousness to embrace all aspects of the human experience freely. With a mindful practice, he supports people in honoring and appreciating themselves and provides a safe and non-judgmental space for them to discover their inherent greatness. Drawing also from the disciplines of qigong, martial arts and ballet, Roy teaches a dynamically sequenced yoga flow that encourages a holistic awareness of breath and proper alignment; strength and flexibility; functionality in movement and conscious co-ordination. "It's about bringing the necessary consciousness into everything we do. The practical mind training aspect of Yoga is an invaluable tool to help one to first, be aware of the obstacles to freedom and then allowing these obstructions the unhealed mind makes upon reality to be gently removed. Steady determination and a sustained yoga practice will help one to ground in unqualified awareness... to allow the human being to live a loving, healthy, abundant and fearless life." -



Jody Hahn

Jody took her first yoga class in 2001 in Los Angeles, inspired by a friend who had demonstrated a handstand. She remembers that first class well - the physical challenge and the focus required, mixed with a exciting feeling of clarity. She did not do a handstand that day but she was hooked on yoga, and two years later graduated from The Center for Yoga Teacher Training Program in LA. She has been teaching ever since.

Her classes are infused with the philosophy that we are, all of us, engaged in a process at all times which can be illustrated by finishing any statement with "yet": "I can't do this (yet)"... "I'm not flexible (yet)." If one can be involved in the process and not focused on the outcome, then both the process and the outcome may be surprising and rewarding. We are explorers - discovering poses, discovering mental clarity, discovering how we deal with challenges and, maybe, discovering some spiritual awareness. Oh, yeah - and it helps to keep a sense of humor about all of it.



Benjamin Leslie

For Ben, yoga began as an intensely physical, joyful quest to restore life to his body after years of stressful work, travel to developing countries and less than healthy habits. He soon noticed the physical benefits of yoga as his muscular, immune and nervous systems healed. Gradually he began to experience the more subtle mental and emotional benefits of a yogic life.

Yoga is a process of experimentation that can guide students in discovering the practices that best fit their unique bodies. In his teaching, Ben strives to share the science of yoga with all of his students, whether their goal is increased flexibility and a stronger core or greater satisfaction in their work, relationships and health.



Barbie Levasseur

Barbie loves inversions, arm balances, and singing at the top of her lungs. After spending a number of years teaching fitness and participating in classical hatha, vinyasa, and bikram yoga classes, Barbie studied with Shakti Mhi and began teaching yoga in 2007. She has since studied with Dina Amsterdam, Janet Stone, Jane Austin, and Les Leventhal to deepen her practice and develop her teaching. The spiritual nature of Barbie's yoga teacher trainings is complemented by her academic background in Kinesiology and Cognitive Science, making her uniquely qualified to host yoga classes that promote harmony of the body, mind, and spirit. She promotes joy and presence in her classes by making them challenging but achievable; entertaining but uncomplicated; and accessible without losing touch with tradition. If you would like to know more about Barbie, please visit her website at



Usha Moss

Usha has been studying and practicing yoga for over 15 years. In 2000, she began to teach, blending the fluidity of Vinyasa based yoga with attention to breath, proper alignment, and intelligent sequencing. She has trained with many senior teachers including Sarah Powers, Anne Carpenter, Tias Little, and Nikki Estrada, and is a registered member of Yoga Alliance. Usha is a committed teacher and student of yoga. With a background in education, she welcomes students at all levels. A native San Franciscan and a mom, Usha believes that to whatever degree one steps into yoga, yoga makes life better. One of the many gifts yoga can provide is the ability to act and move with intention, intention makes life richer.



Diana Oppenheim

Diana is an in-it-for-life yogi. Born and raised in the mid-west, she has an affinity for simplicity, small acts of kindness and the freshest food ever. The practice of yoga is her grounding force in an ever-changing world. She rides her bike everywhere, plays disc golf, marathons good sci-fi and is also a novice runner. Diana teaches yoga but will always consider herself a student of life first. In her class you will find a strong, methodical and balanced sequence that meets each student where they are at. She has a master’s degree in Urban Planning and Community Development and for all the plans she’s created, she loves the spontaneous plot twists of life.



Greg Wieting

Greg passionately shares a unique synthesis of the pathways of consciousness that have been at the very foundation of his pilgrimage healing from chronic pain, scoliosis and depression. Through awakening to the subtle energetic body the quality of Greg's awareness, life and vitality began to transform. This journey is what informs his teaching, healing sessions and vision today. Greg aspires to ignite the spanda of consciousness as a source of renewing intelligence and connection. In this way the flow of yoga serves to liberate the integrity within one's own natural rhythm and inherent truth. Greg's studies in plant medicine, shamanic ritual, consciousness based health care and meditation are fused into his Prana Flow offerings. Each class becomes a pathfinding journey through the eddies and currents of one's own evolutionary edge. Greg is a Registered Yoga Teacher under Shiva Rea and Samudra Global School for Living Yoga. He is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher and Permaculture Design Consultant.


Megan Windeler

Megan Windeler

Megan's practice and teaching is rooted in the heartfelt belief that Yoga is simply a good thing. Her practice began by accident nearly twenty years ago during the deep dark freeze of a Chicago winter. After stumbling blindly into an Iyengar Yoga class in hopes of eluding the freeze, it was revealed to her that 'living is much easier if you breathe whilst doing it.' Over a decade and half on she is still trying to figure that one out, but, she practices it every day and has found life easier.

Megan completed the Teacher Training at The Yoga Tree in San Francisco in 2005, has studied pre-natal yoga with Jane Austin and anatomy with Ellen Heed and is inspired greatly and continues to learn from the teachings of Sri Dharma Mitra, Judith Hanson Lasater, Dr. Timothy McCall, and her dear friend Les Leventhal. But the teachers she is most grateful for are her son and her students. Megan's classes are filled with love and humor, sometimes silence and now and again a little Led Zeppelin. Come one, come all, do some yoga, find some ease. For more information: