Gizella Donald, ERYT, Studio Director & Founder, yoga mayu of San Francisco

Gizella began her studies and practice in 1990 at the Sivananda Yoga Center in San Francisco. Since then she has practiced in different classical Yoga traditions as well as the more physical Ashtanga and Iyengar styles. Gizella integrated this wealth of experience into a process towards true and lasting transformation. In her classes, she emphasizes correct alignment of the body in yoga postures to minimize the potential for injuries and to maximize optimal energy flow. She teaches an energetic, challenging yet playful class, and excels in modifying poses so that they can be accessible to all levels of students. She inspires her students to extend the practice of yoga by encouraging them to bring the love of yoga into their everyday life.


Lynn Noble, Studio Manager

Lynn gravitates towards a balanced practice that engages the mind, spirit, and whole body. Amidst the chaos of daily life, yoga encourages presence and grounding, and awareness of the body in space. Her breath-driven vinyasa practice is informed by the Ashtanga traditions and sequences. She supports her students through strong classes that are rooted in breath and healthy alignment, offering hands-on adjustments to deepen each posture. Lynn was certified by Yoga Mayu, and shares their belief in strong foundations. You can learn more about Lynn on her website:


Tracie Joy Burleigh

Traci Joy (TJ) Burleigh is a long-time yogi, Vipassana practitioner, health educator and coach, Ayurvedic practitioner and bodyworker. She loves yoga for it’s dynamic and uniting practices of body and heart.TJ’s experience of yoga is unbranded and inimitable. She brings a passion for anatomy, breath, biomechanics, feeling great, poetry, and permission to her teaching. TJ is certified at the highest level with Yoga Alliance, E-RYT and is a member of IAYT.


Katie Cosgrove

Originally from Portland, Oregon, Katie started practicing yoga in 2003 during her first year in college. She was drawn back to the class time after time not only by how great the physical practice made her feel but also by the calm and content she experienced at the end of each class. After exploring many styles of yoga she found what resonated with her most were Hatha and Vinyasa style classes. Later while living in Australia, she fell madly in love with Yin Yoga as well. In 2009 Katie completed her 200-hour teacher training at a Satyananda ashram in Nashik India. After finishing her teacher training, she decided to move to Sydney Australia and ended up staying to teach there for five years. During her time in Australia, she had the pleasure of studying under and working with some of Sydney’s best yoga teachers including Kate Kendall, Melanie Mclaughlin and Murray Hatton. Katie’s philosophy is that yoga is for every body and every individual practice should be unique to the person practicing. The most important part of the practice is not how flexible you are or how many amazing arm balances you can do, but how much you can let go of all of that and instead find peace in being yourself.



Laurie Eagle

Laurie's yoga studies began over a decade ago in an attempt to slow down in a fast paced sales lifestyle. As a former gymnast and a lifetime athlete, she came to yoga as form of exercise. Laurie discovered the transformative and healing benefits of yoga and the power of conscious breath. She also realized the teachings of yoga to be beneficial both on and off the mat. Today, yoga is a lifestyle for Laurie. Laurie's classes are empowering, playful and rich with movement and breath connection. She encourages students to listen to their body, as each day we show up to our mat it is a different day. The body presenting differently each time. When we tune in and breath, the body & mind become more spacious. Her teaching style is alignment based and flowy, increasing strength and flexibility.



Roy Gan

A classically trained dancer from Singapore, with over a decade of experience in professional dance, teaching and choreography, a non-practicing lawyer and Registered Yoga Alliance teacher, Roy's classes are about taking the blinders off and giving oneself the radical permission to honestly explore what one's mind and body are capable of. A testament to the transformative, grounding and healing power of the Yoga practice, Roy's mission is to encourage an inner intuitive listening and to raise one's consciousness to embrace all aspects of the human experience freely. With a mindful practice, he supports people in honoring and appreciating themselves and provides a safe and non-judgmental space for them to discover their inherent greatness. Drawing also from the disciplines of qigong, martial arts and ballet, Roy teaches a dynamically sequenced yoga flow that encourages a holistic awareness of breath and proper alignment; strength and flexibility; functionality in movement and conscious co-ordination. "It's about bringing the necessary consciousness into everything we do. The practical mind training aspect of Yoga is an invaluable tool to help one to first, be aware of the obstacles to freedom and then allowing these obstructions the unhealed mind makes upon reality to be gently removed. Steady determination and a sustained yoga practice will help one to ground in unqualified awareness... to allow the human being to live a loving, healthy, abundant and fearless life." -



Jody Hahn

Jody took her first yoga class in 2001 in Los Angeles, inspired by a friend who had demonstrated a handstand. She remembers that first class well - the physical challenge and the focus required, mixed with an exciting feeling of clarity. She did not do a handstand that day but she was hooked on yoga, and two years later graduated from The Center for Yoga Teacher Training Program in LA. She has been teaching ever since.

Her classes are infused with the philosophy that we are, all of us, engaged in a process at all times which can be illustrated by finishing any statement with "yet": "I can't do this (yet)"... "I'm not flexible (yet)." If one can be involved in the process and not focused on the outcome, then both the process and the outcome may be surprising and rewarding. We are explorers - discovering poses, discovering mental clarity, discovering how we deal with challenges and, maybe, discovering some spiritual awareness. Oh, yeah - and it helps to keep a sense of humor about all of it.


Anne Sophie

Anne Sophie Leary

Anne-Sophie holds a BA in Holistic Healing and Nutrition and is RYT 500 certified. Her roots are in Vinyasa flow with a Forrest yoga influence. She has trained with Les Leventhal, Janet Stone and Ana Forrest creatrix of Forrest Yoga. Her intent in teaching yoga is to help give the tools one needs to heal themselves by listening to their body, as this is what yoga has done for her. She seeks to inspire people through her love and passion of yoga by igniting power, as well as joy and lightness in her classes.



Alana Lee

Alana has been teaching movement since 1996. She has a way of making all formats of classes fun! From gymnastics, diving, dance & cheer to Yoga, Acro yoga, Pilates, acrobatics, martial arts & fitness- barre, TRX Suspension trainer, TRX Rip trainer & more! Alana has a wide array of experiences & knowledge & knows how to customize a training program based on each individuals needs. She can kick your butt, in a good way, with a smile. Her joy is sharing her passion for mind-body awareness with others & helping to make the world a better place one deep breath at a time. Alana recently relocated to the SF Bay Area and is available for group classes & Private instruction.



Usha Moss

Usha has been studying and practicing yoga for over 16 years. She began to teach in 2000, blending the fluidity of Vinyasa based yoga with attention to breath, proper alignment, and intelligent sequencing. She has trained with many senior teachers including Sarah Powers, Tias Little, and Nikki Estrada, and is a registered member of Yoga Alliance. Usha is a committed teacher and student of yoga. A San Francisco native and mom with a background in education, she welcomes students at all levels. Usha believes that to whatever degree one steps into yoga, yoga makes life better. The time spent on the mat allows space to be present. There is endless possibility within that space.



Benjamin Leslie

Ben earned his first 200 hour yoga teaching certification at the Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica in 2010 and has completed another 280 hours of training with Rusty Wells, Jason Crandell and others in San Francisco. Ben’s knowledge of alignment, anatomy and breathwork has helped many practitioners develop greater strength, flexibility, balance and resilience. The highlight of Ben’s yogic journey so far is the three months he spent living in Rishikesh, India in 2010 when he experienced some of the profound physical and philosophical aspects of a yogic life.

Ben was born and raised in the Midwest, educated at Brown and Oxford and has been based in San Francisco for 12 years.



Diana Oppenheim

Diana is an in-it-for-life yogi. Born and raised in the mid-west, she has an affinity for simplicity, small acts of kindness and the freshest food ever. The practice of yoga is her grounding force in an ever-changing world. She rides her bike everywhere, plays disc golf, marathons good sci-fi and is also a novice runner. Diana teaches yoga but will always consider herself a student of life first. In her class you will find a strong, methodical and balanced sequence that meets each student where they are at. She has a master’s degree in Urban Planning and Community Development and for all the plans she’s created, she loves the spontaneous plot twists of life.



Katharine Otis

Katharine teaches her students to honor them selves in this moment. She has come to find that the Yoga practice is constantly changing, as we all are, and asks her students to experience where they are in this inevitable process of things. Katharine invites her students to use the tools of the Yoga practice: ones relationship to their breath, the ancient body shapes, liberating the voice through chanting, and sitting in stillness; as a means to awaken to their true nature.

Katharine welcomes all levels to her class and looks forward to continuing to share the healing practice that she loves. Katharine was certified to teach at the Laughing Lotus Yoga Center in New York City in 2005.



Ekaterina Petrova

A classically-trained dancer and a writer by hobby, Ekat offers a dynamic flow with creative sequencing and clear cues. Her teaching is sometimes serious, sometimes sassy -- always soulful. Each class is strong and expansive, a vigorous moving meditation.

Ekat’s passion for teaching is fueled by the power yoga has to awaken our consciousness and transform us spiritually. She appreciates that yoga isn't something you DO but rather PRACTICE. Her goal with each class is to help others drop in deeply in order to more closely align with their highest selves and discover who they really are.



M Ryan Saldivar

M Ryan Saldivar is a yoga teacher with extensive experience and study in the applications of Yoga for Athletic training, rehabilitation, and meditation. He holds certificates in Kundalini Yoga, AntiGravity Yoga, Airbarre, TRX Strong, TRX flow, and health education. M Saldivar became a Kundalini Yoga instructor after experiencing a healing process of several serious spinal injuries in teacher training under Sat Santokh Singh in 2004. He has sends spent several years of study under mentors Brandon Taylor doctor of Chinese medicine, Khorosh Shakiri Doctor of Chiropractic, and completed a premed education with a focus on orthopedics. Through integration of the core strength and control of the breath he makes a meditation out of every yoga posture and uses Kundalini meditation to help many people overcome trauma, both mental and physical.



Maria Schulman

Maria began practicing yoga in 2006, as a way to manage the stress of graduate school. Yoga quickly took over her life and in 2011 she completed a 200-hour Certification through Yoga to the People. She currently is at work on a 500-hour certification with Kripalu. In 2013, she completed a 50-hour Rocket Yoga training with It’s Yoga in San Francisco. Maria is also trained to teach the 26 hot postures. She loves learning and practicing different yoga styles and ultimately believes that these variants feed into a single practice: yoga is simply the process of focusing on breath. She hopes to bring her students heightened awareness of their own possibilities and power.



Tonya Sisco

Originally drawn to the quiet practices of meditation, Tonya found yoga asana at a small studio in Brooklyn. In awe of how she could find meditation through movement, she dove headfirst into yoga and has never looked back. A passionate believer in self-study, svadhyaya, Tonya encourages and empowers her students to practice yoga in a way that is true to them in the moment. Her classes balance an emphasis on alignment with a moving flow that is guided by deep, conscious breathing. Her goal is to help students find a sense of ease in their bodies and spaciousness in their minds.

Tonya has been sharing yoga since 2009. She received her 200-hr certification in New York City at Laughing Lotus Yoga Center and has numerous hours of continued training under her belt. When she’s not teaching yoga, she can be found in a dance class or exploring the majestic landscape of the Bay Area.



Nicole Tierre Thompson

Nicole has been committed to practicing and teaching yoga for more than 12 years. A devoted runner, Nicole began practicing yoga in Santa Barbara, California as a way to supplement her marathon training. Almost immediately, she recognized the time spent on the mat and with others in the yoga community were invaluable aspects of her life.

Nicole completed her teaching certification at Chicago-based yogaview and worked in various settings across the windy city to bring a yoga asana practice to individuals who sought a better and more thoughtful awareness of her/his body. Her teaching style is influenced by senior teachers in both Anusara and Ashtanga. For Nicole, it is vital to teach every student as they are and then encourage them to test their "edge" with kindness and compassion.

Nicole’s overall intention for her classes is to create an environment in which students discover something new about themselves through physical movement, connection to breath and clarity of mind. She has been in love with running for over 13 years and laces up her running shoes on a daily basis to get in her "moving meditation".