Gizella Donald, ERYT, Studio Director & Founder, yoga mayu of San Francisco

Gizella began her studies and practice in 1990 at the Sivananda Yoga Center in San Francisco. Since then she has practiced in different classical Yoga traditions as well as the more physical Ashtanga and Iyengar styles. Gizella integrated this wealth of experience into a process towards true and lasting transformation. In her classes, she emphasizes correct alignment of the body in yoga postures to minimize the potential for injuries and to maximize optimal energy flow. She teaches an energetic, challenging yet playful class, and excels in modifying poses so that they can be accessible to all levels of students. She inspires her students to extend the practice of yoga by encouraging them to bring the love of yoga into their everyday life.


Alyssa Arroya

A born and raised New Yorker, Alyssa has been sharing her passion for Yoga since 2009. Early on in her teaching career, she began an Ashtanga practice that would heavily influence her classes. Alyssa is 500RYT certified, and has over 1000 hours of training in Vinyasa, Hatha, Hot Vinyasa, Moksha, Yin Yoga and Acro Yoga. She believes in a balanced practice that helps us to be present and to let go of distractions and doubts. She finds that through a physically and mentally challenging practice, we can find a sense of calm and grow our practice by applying what we do on the mat, off the mat.



Brenna Barry

Brenna has a background in dance, sports, and marathon training. Since she has sustained multiple injuries from this fascination with intensity, she has become more interested in cultivating results, both physical and mental, from a place of mindfulness. Brenna teaches a class that will challenge you, but not at the cost of alignment. Also, she believes a yoga class should be fun! She loves music and changes her playlist daily, and she tries to be creative with sequencing so that you’ll get something new each class. She tends to focus on one body part or theme for each class and she likes to incorporate her B.A. in philosophy to share quotes that are inspiring and motivational. Brenna has been teaching for four years. She started out with hot yoga, and transitioned into vinyasa and later more Iyengar-based yoga. She is a 200 hour RYT.



Ekaterina Petrova

A classically-trained dancer and a writer by hobby, Ekat offers a dynamic flow with creative sequencing and clear cues. Her teaching is sometimes serious, sometimes sassy -- always soulful. Each class is strong and expansive, a vigorous moving meditation.

Ekat’s passion for teaching is fueled by the power yoga has to awaken our consciousness and transform us spiritually. She appreciates that yoga isn't something you DO but rather PRACTICE. Her goal with each class is to help others drop in deeply in order to more closely align with their highest selves and discover who they really are.



Jayeon Kim

Jayeon has been practicing yoga since 2004, shortly after moving to the United States from Korea. Yoga has helped her gain strength, stability, and flexibility in both mind and body. She is dedicated to sharing the power and benefits of yoga with everyone—especially those struggling with physical or emotional challenges in life.

Jayeon blends heat-building flows, accurate alignment, and deep relaxation in her classes. Through her playful yet focused teaching of the physical practice, Jayeon guides her students to meet their innately perfect selves, and take what they discover on the mat into their daily lives.



Jessica Waters

Jessica is a teacher that teaches from the heart. Her patience, compassion, and playful demeanor shine through in her classes. She offers helpful assists and modifications, to ensure that each student stays safe throughout the practice. Jessica is a student of Noah Maze, Siri Peterson, and Rocky Heron, and is certified 550 hours in hatha and vinyasa yoga.



Jody Hahn

Jody took her first yoga class in 2001 in Los Angeles, inspired by a friend who had demonstrated a handstand. She remembers that first class well - the physical challenge and the focus required, mixed with an exciting feeling of clarity. She did not do a handstand that day but she was hooked on yoga, and two years later graduated from The Center for Yoga Teacher Training Program in LA. She has been teaching ever since.

Her classes are infused with the philosophy that we are, all of us, engaged in a process at all times which can be illustrated by finishing any statement with "yet": "I can't do this (yet)"... "I'm not flexible (yet)." If one can be involved in the process and not focused on the outcome, then both the process and the outcome may be surprising and rewarding. We are explorers - discovering poses, discovering mental clarity, discovering how we deal with challenges and, maybe, discovering some spiritual awareness. Oh, yeah - and it helps to keep a sense of humor about all of it.



Kate Walter

A former diplomat and classically-trained dancer, Kate Walter (RYT 200) has been practicing yoga around the world for more than a decade. She first came to the practice for the physical benefits, but was drawn back by the calm and relaxation that each class brought. Kate works to make yoga fun and accessible to everyone, and enjoys cultivating community in her classes.

Kate completed her teacher training with Tranquil Space in Washington, DC and Yoga Tree in San Francisco. Originally from New Jersey, she has lived in Paris, Port au Prince, Berlin, Abidjan and Washington, DC, but is now happy to call San Francisco home. You can connect with her on social media: @katewalteryoga.



Lamat Kateb

Lamat embarked on the yogic path in her dear friend's backyard during a beautiful spring day. From that moment on, yoga grew to be one of her deepest passions and continues to evolve with the ebb and flow of life. What started as a fun physical challenge has become a sacred space for meditation and self-reflection, and through teaching yoga, Lamat hopes to spark curiosity about what lies underneath the world of physical forms. She enjoys a yoga practice that balances yin and yang energies, and so gives her students the opportunity to feel not only the vigor of slow vinyasa, but also the calm after the storm, both within and without. Lamat appreciates simplicity, and especially loves city biking, wilderness hiking, delicious vegetarian eats, and reading in the park.



Margo Imbert

I teach yoga to support the transformation of my students, and to share what I've learned along my path. I believe in each individual's internal ability to create peace in the midst of a world that is often chaotic, conflicting and supremely beautiful. I believe we are capable of amazing things, emotionally, mentally and physically. As a vinyasa and restorative teacher, I seek to share in the process of my students as we practice all the qualities that bring about a meaningful life, beginning on the mat and beyond. The qualities that I find to be most important are courage, awareness, flexibility, and peace for the heart and mind.



Michelle Martone

Michelle teaches classes that highlight purification, both physical and mental, through asana (postures) and pranayama (yogic breathing practices). She is passionate about guiding people toward a life long practice and creates well-balanced classes that leave the student feeling peaceful and defused. Her classes are taught from 15 years of experience practicing and studying the yoga sutras, asana, pranayama, and meditation. She honors yoga as healing beyond just the physical body, unifying mind, breath and spirit. As a teacher she creates a space for students to experience stillness and peace and carry that with them throughout their day.



Maria Schulman

Maria began practicing yoga in 2006, as a way to manage the stress of graduate school. Yoga quickly took over her life and in 2011 she completed a 200-hour Certification through Yoga to the People. She currently is at work on a 500-hour certification with Kripalu. In 2013, she completed a 50-hour Rocket Yoga training with It’s Yoga in San Francisco. Maria is also trained to teach the 26 hot postures. She loves learning and practicing different yoga styles and ultimately believes that these variants feed into a single practice: yoga is simply the process of focusing on breath. She hopes to bring her students heightened awareness of their own possibilities and power.



Nicole Tierre Thompson

Nicole has been committed to practicing and teaching yoga for more than 12 years. A devoted runner, Nicole began practicing yoga in Santa Barbara, California as a way to supplement her marathon training. Almost immediately, she recognized the time spent on the mat and with others in the yoga community were invaluable aspects of her life.

Nicole completed her teaching certification at Chicago-based yogaview and worked in various settings across the windy city to bring a yoga asana practice to individuals who sought a better and more thoughtful awareness of her/his body. Her teaching style is influenced by senior teachers in both Anusara and Ashtanga. For Nicole, it is vital to teach every student as they are and then encourage them to test their "edge" with kindness and compassion.

Nicole’s overall intention for her classes is to create an environment in which students discover something new about themselves through physical movement, connection to breath and clarity of mind. She has been in love with running for over 13 years and laces up her running shoes on a daily basis to get in her "moving meditation".



Pamela Williams

Pamela brings her knowledge as a doula and triathlon enthusiast into her classes: exposing the power of breath, movement, and rhythm as a mechanism to calm the body's internal and external chatter. Her role as a teacher is to provide an environment in which individuals can explore the personalized benefits that yoga holds. Trained in Dharamshala, India, Pamela pulls from a variety of yoga styles to construct classes to ensure that everybody and every body can feel safe and comfortable.



Ryann Summers

Ryann believes yoga has the power to heal and transform. She draws from her experience as a counselor and advocate to create a safe and empowering space. Through creative sequencing, attention to alignment, and mindful adjustments, Ryann both grounds and empowers her students. She completed her Yoga Teacher Training through Yoga Tree in San Francisco, and her Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training with Jane Austin of Mama Tree. Ryann is fascinated by the patterns of tension our bodies hold, and the way that mindful movement and breath help to unwind them.


Shannon Bronson

Shannon Bronson

Shannon is yogini and artist. She’s dedicated her life to interweaving these modalities to live her truth, with the intention of inventing compassionately creative expressions to change the world in positive ways.

Shannon's life radically blossomed when she fully embraced yoga. She hit the mat hard and allowed yoga to be the safe space in which heal her own traumas. Yoga evolved into the foundation on which she has built a new life in the pursuit of happiness and freedom. Daily asana and meditation as well as a commitment to the 8 limbs of yoga gave her the courage to leave the Urban Design world. She believes it is her path to instead teach yoga, create her art and practice Reiki healing.

Shannon understands that to be a great teacher is to also be continual student. She has an RYT200 from Triveni Yoga and continues to advance her studies with her teachers and Triveni Yoga creators Jessica and Stéphane Dreyfus. Triveni is a vinyasa-based style of yoga that combines asana, meditation with a focus on the subtle body to profoundly transform the practitioner inside and out. She travels internationally with the Triveni team to teach teacher trainings and conduct art, yoga and meditation workshops. She also bows in gratitude to her teachers Elise Lorimer and Betty Roi for sending their light into her life.



Taylor Pangman

I believe that yoga is a tool to help us navigate life, to get to know ourselves a little better, and to connect with the world around us. A life with yoga is an enhanced life indeed. My classes will help you dive deeper into your practice, open your mind to new possibilities, relax your body from a busy day, and help you reconnect with yourself.



Usha Moss

Usha has been studying and practicing yoga for over 16 years. She began to teach in 2000, blending the fluidity of Vinyasa based yoga with attention to breath, proper alignment, and intelligent sequencing. She has trained with many senior teachers including Sarah Powers, Tias Little, and Nikki Estrada, and is a registered member of Yoga Alliance. Usha is a committed teacher and student of yoga. A San Francisco native and mom with a background in education, she welcomes students at all levels. Usha believes that to whatever degree one steps into yoga, yoga makes life better. The time spent on the mat allows space to be present. There is endless possibility within that space.