Magdalena Hope


Meg is a lifelong dancer and began practicing yoga in 2006. It did not take long for her to notice the positive effects of a regular practice, and soon thereafter, she started teaching. She has had the good fortune to learn from mentors with backgrounds in a range of traditions including Ashtanga, Kundalini, and Iyengar. Meg also has specialized experience teaching yoga for those who've experienced trauma and yoga for couples trying to conceive. It is truly her heart's work to bring the many therapeutic benefits of breath and movement practices to students of all ages and abilities.

Meg's classes offer something for everyone. She creates a space where students can freely explore and challenge themselves to whatever degree they wish. Her use of clear, direct verbal cues draws students' attention to their own breath, to their own body placement, and to their own sensations. Meg presents her instructions as suggestions, encouraging students to cultivate an awareness of their own inner experience and to let that wisdom be their primary guide.