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Yoga for men

with Mark

Saturdays, SEPTEMBER 21, 28 OCTOBER 5, 12, 19, 26

1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Cost: $90


A lot of men are looking for the benefits of yoga, like a quieter mind and toned body, but men have all kinds of reasons NOT to do yoga, like “I’m not flexible” or “it’s not a real workout.” Basically we don’t want to look ridiculous and we like to sweat.

In this six week series we’ll study the basics together. Even if you’ve done a lot of yoga, we’ll hold the poses a little longer to gain strength and a deeper understanding of each position.

We’ll also explore the parts of yoga that are less commonly taught like pranayama (breathing), meditation, and “yoga off the mat.”

The goal is to create a supportive environment and community of men who want to practice together. If the series goes well, we will make it a regular class.

Serenity Cycle - RESTORE

with Faern

Sunday, OCTOBER 20, 2019

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Cost: $45

Join Faern for mellow movements and restorative postures to promote rest, relaxation, serenity and great sleep.

The entire workshop will be guided by nature inspired sound bath journeys to aid in alleviating anxiety and promote a Yoga Nidra like experience.

You will leave refreshed and relaxed ready for a great night’s sleep.

All levels are welcome!

TREAT Yourself: Restore & Digest

with Sinead

Sunday, OCTOBER 27

2;00 PM - 4:00 PM

Cost: $40

Join Sinead, YogaMayu Instructor and final year graduate student of Traditional Chinese Medicine, for an afternoon of Restorative Yoga paired with delicious, local organic treats from Urban Remedy!

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is said that food can be one of our greatest medicines for preventing illness. Fall is a time we may be prone to catch cold.

This workshop aims to offer meditations and gentle movement tools to help your body boost its natural defenses. After class, enjoy an adult Halloween goodie bag with foods that will nourish your body, bring joy to the mind, and aid in seasonal immunity.

Treats will include:

  • One wellness shot
  • Spicy almonds (substitute for allergies available upon request)
  • Superfoods protein bar

4 Weeks Intensive Yoga Bootcamp

with Gizella & Nicole

OCT 29 - NOV 23, 2019

Tues and Thurs

6:15 - 7:15 AM


8:00 - 9:00 AM

Cost: $228


Based on the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series.

Join Gizella & Nicole for this amazing 4-week series of body toning yoga practice filled with vigorous standing asanas (poses), plenty of twists to revive the spine and squeeze out toxins, core strength training and inversions to build confidence.

With plenty of modifications and advanced options, these ongoing yoga boot camp sessions are open to all levels!


  • Build confidence and stamina
  • Tone your body and lose weight mindfully
  • Develop advanced techniques to deepen your practice (handstands, arm balances)
  • Increase flexibility and core strength
  • Develop a better understanding of breathing techniques during yoga practice

Space is limited so our team can get to know you and help you meet your goals.

Restorative Workshop with Aromatherapy & Massage

with Gizella & Marguerite

November 3


1:30 - 3:30 AM

Cost: $45

In this specialized workshop, students will hold traditional restorative yoga poses and receive Aromatherapy and light Massage by Gizella & Margo.

Restorative Yoga helps to relieve the effects of stress by allowing the central nervous system to calm while the body is fully supported with the use of props (bolsters, blankets, blocks etc), stimulating deep relaxation and a sense of restoring and renewing your mind, body, and spirit.

All levels are welcome!


with Maria

Saturday, November 16th

2;00 PM - 4:00 PM

Cost: $45

Join Maria Schulman for a twisted afternoon.

Twisting poses can create an ease of breath and movement that often extends to the neck, shoulders, and even outer hips!

Learn to care for your low back and sacro-iliac joint in this rejuvenating, twist-focused practice.

All levels are welcome!