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Yin Yoga & Aromatherapy Workshop

with Gizella

June 4th


4:30 - 6:00 pm

Cost: $55

Looking for a slow-paced, deep release of tension in the body?

Join Gizella for a journey to complete rejuvenation.

Yin yoga involves physically letting go into seated postures and exploring them for longer periods of time.

This practice will help to soothe your nervous system and release deeply held physical and emotional tension. We work towards a quieting of the mind.

The practice targets the deeper connective tissue of the body especially around the hips, pelvis and spine.

Gizella will be applying calming aromatherapy during this workshop to neck, shoulders, and hands.

Warning: You might be experiencing complete bliss!

Advance Your Yoga Practice - Workshop

with Reza Ebrahimi

June 18th


1:00 - 4:00 pm

Cost: $90

Are you looking to deepen and elevate your yoga practice in all of its aspects?

Join Reza for this unique workshop designed to transform your body and elevate your yoga practice.

In this 3 hour workshop Reza will share 20 years of knowledge and experience with you to learn how to build strength, confidence and flexibility.

Using props and alternative methods to help deepen your practice and reach your goals faster in a safe manner. He will provide plenty of personalized options for beginner, intermediate to advanced students in twists, forward folds, splits, arm balancing & inversions.

This workshop is open to all students looking to deepen and invigorate their yoga practice to the next level!


  • Increase flexibility and core strength
  • Build confidence, stamina and stability
  • Learn alternative ways to deepen the stretch with & without props
  • Develop advanced techniques to deepen your practice
  • Better understanding of breathing techniques during your practice
  • Tone the body
  • Alleviate pain
  • Walk away with a smile

This is an exceptional workshop that has transformative effects on your practice.

Space is limited- Sign up online to reserve your spot!


with Gizella & Jasmine

September 9th - 25th


1:00-4:00 PM


1:00-4:00 PM

6:00-8:30 PM


1:00-4:00 PM

6:00-8:00 PM

Tuition: $850

Early Bird: $800 before June 15th.

Through their decades of dedicated practice and teaching , Gizella and Jasmine will lead you on a powerful, practical, healing, creative and holistic journey of self discovery and discipline.

Perfect for yoga teachers looking for inspiration and wanting to share an enlivened and transformative practice with their students or for yogis who want to experience more depth, joy, and freedom through their practice of yoga.

By awakening the qualities of creativity, courage and compassion, we will study, practice and teach yoga as the art of living mindfully by integrating mind, body, spirit and action to help us live more fully and in harmony with ourselves with our lives and our world.

There are two options to participate:

  1. As a transformative 50 hour immersion for passionate practitioners ready to deepen your practice and understanding of yoga and take your practice to the next level.
  2. A 50 hour continuing education Training for Yoga Teachers to empower, uplift and inspire your teaching.

This training will explore the methodology of Vinyasa Krama, as taught through the lineage of Sri Krishnamacharya. Meaning " step by step or wise progression" each asana will be sequenced, taught and purposefully practiced in preparation for the next as a moving meditation, coordinated with the rhythm of the breath.

Our Curriculum:

  • Advanced study of asana (creative sequencing, proper alignment, benefits and potential risks)
  • Understanding anatomy
  • Science and art of sequencing
  • Practice teaching
  • Expert Hands-on adjustments
  • Yoga Philosophy (incorporating teachings of the Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Ayurveda.)
  • Meditation, Mantra and Mudra

This 50 hour training is a doorway for teachers to teach at yoga mayu and for practitioners to use towards their 200Hr Teacher Training at Yoga Mayu.

Space is limited so our team can get to know you and help you meet your goals.