Our mission is to provide a genuine and sustainable yoga practice that supports and evolves the physical and emotional health of our students. Mayu is known for its dedicated and knowledgeable teachers and for providing quality Vinyasa yoga classes that emphasize the importance of breath and alignment. We look forward to welcoming you into both our Mission and Noe Valley locations!

Featured Teacher


Katie Cosgrove

Originally from Portland, Oregon, Katie started practicing yoga in 2003 during her first year in college. She was drawn back to the class time after time not only by how great the physical practice made her feel but also by the calm and content she experienced at the end of each class. After exploring many styles of yoga she found what resonated with her most were Hatha and Vinyasa style classes. Later while living in Australia, she fell madly in love with Yin Yoga as well. In 2009 Katie completed her 200-hour teacher training at a Satyananda ashram in Nashik India. After finishing her teacher training, she decided to move to Sydney Australia and ended up staying to teach there for five years. During her time in Australia, she had the pleasure of studying under and working with some of Sydney’s best yoga teachers including Kate Kendall, Melanie Mclaughlin and Murray Hatton. Katie’s philosophy is that yoga is for every body and every individual practice should be unique to the person practicing. The most important part of the practice is not how flexible you are or how many amazing arm balances you can do, but how much you can let go of all of that and instead find peace in being yourself.


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"While San Francisco is full of yoga studios, it is difficult to find a studio that is a good fit. I've seen many yoga studios, including one with a version of Richard Simmons with a headset in 120F heat. Over the last 10 years, I have witnessed Yoga change from foreign and estranged (my first introduction to yoga was a class in "Stretching 101") to something emerging from off the fringe. Once in a while I hear folks saying, "Oh I should get back into yoga again." Yoga is becoming the thing more and more body’s need. Over the last two years, Yoga Mayu has become my home studio. It leans slightly towards the traditional side of yoga (mix of Raja, Flow, Ashtanga, Hatha) and I like this because you are less likely to injure yourself that way, and you leave feeling physically challenged and refreshed. The ambiance is calm, welcoming and generally allowing you to learn / teach yourself, without worrying about others around you. People are friendly. It's a great place to learn and recollect yourself before heading out into the big, bad world again"
- Claire K. 'Yelp'